Who am i?

my story

I have been betting for over 10 years now and still to this day I love the thrill and excitement that I get from this amazing  hobby of mine. 

However after a few years I started to notice that I made no long term profit. I kept convincing myself that I was winning, when I wasn’t.

A few years went by and I really started to investigate how the bookmakers(the ones that sets the odds) always made a profit on me. 

I found out a lot of displeasing truths that the general public has no clue about. 

So I decided that I would try some gambling strategy’s and I tried a lot of different ones. 

There were quite a few bad one out there that I would consider a scam. 

But then I came across one that really worked!  

These last 3 years I have been able to turn my losses to a huge profit and I found myself to be really lucky. 

So I have made this website to showcase the best tools that I have used personally, to beat the system